1. Where does the name Qullqi come from?

Our Jewelry is based primarily on Silver, which is called “Qullqi” in the Quechua language of Peru. Hence our name Qullqi, grounded in the native word for the precious metal from which our jewelry is crafted.

2. Which country is Qullqi registered to?

Qullqi is registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. Our ID number is 71775250. For supplier invoices, our VAT number is NL002501518B14; please include this on all invoices.

3. Do the advertised prices include VAT?

All prices advertised on our website are completely inclusive of VAT.

4. When and how is Qullqi’s customer service available?

Our customer service team are available for any customer queries or questions between 09:00 and 17:00 (CET) from Monday to Friday. We also have a customer service email address at

5. Where can I buy Qullqi products?

Qullqi is currently an online-based store only. We’re always on the look-out for opportunities to share our products and services in partnership with physical stores, with any news or updates on this topic presented in our newsletters and homepage.

6. In what ways can I care for my jewelry?

We’re glad you asked! Here’s a short video we’ve prepared, which gives some practical advice on providing suitable care for jewelry.

Order and Pay

1. How can I place orders through Qullqi’s website?

We’ve simplified the order process into 3 simple steps…
i. Select your items and add them to your shopping cart
ii. Proceed to checkout and enter your details
iii. Choose your payment method and complete the payment

If this is your first time ordering, you could also need to create a Qullqi online account, which the website will guide you through as part of the order process. We don’t currently take orders by telephone, but please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any issues or questions.

2. What if Qullqi prices change after ordering?

We’ll only ever charge you the value that was advertised on the day of your transaction, so you don’t need to worry about prices changing after ordering. We do however reserve the right to change our prices without notice.

3. How do I know what size to choose?

Please visit our dedicated “Find Your Size” page for more information on deciding which size is best for you.

4. Do customized jewels cost more?

Customized pieces can sometimes be more expensive, but every case is different. The complexity of the customization plays a big part in the jewel’s final cost.

5. How long to customized jewels take to make?

As mentioned above, every custom jewel is different, and the delivery time is heavily dependent on the piece’s complexity. However, we typically aim to have custom pieces delivered in around 3 weeks, as an approximate estimate.

6. Will I receive any notification that my order has been received?

Yes, of course! You’ll be sent an email notification as soon as your order has been placed.

7. What should I do if I haven’t received an email confirmation?

It’s first worth checking your “Junk” folder, which emails of all sorts can occasionally end up in. If it’s not there, log-in to your account, then click through to the specific order and choose “Resend email confirmation”. If it still doesn’t seem to have come through, please let us know!

8. What methods of payment are available through the website?

We currently have the following methods of payment available…
• Credit card
• Paypal
• Qullqi gift card
• iDeal
• Bancontact
• Deferred payment (via Klarna)

9. How long does it take to receive my money back if there are issues with payment processing?

In the event of rare, unexpected payment issues, it will usually take the following durations for funds to be returned:
– iDeal/Bancontact/deffered payment: 3 days (approximately)
– Credit card: 5 days (approximately)
– Paypal/Cadeaubon: Please get in touch


1. Do Qullqi deliver their products internationally?

Yes! Any orders over €150 can be shipped for free to any country. For orders under €150, we offer delivery to zones within the EU via the UPS “Carbon Neutral” program, and charge the following costs:

Zone 1: (Countries: NL) – Shipping fee: Free
Zone 2 & 3: (Countries: BE, DE, LU) – Shipping fee: €8,50
Zone 4: (Countries: FR, GB) – Shipping fee: €15,00
Zone 5: (Countries: DK, IT, MC) – Shipping fee: €15,00
Zone 51: (Countries: CZ, PL) – Shipping fee: €15,00
Zone 6: (Countries: AT, ES, FI, GB, IE, PT, SE) – Shipping fee: €20,00
Zone 61: (Countries: BG, EE, GR, HR, HU, LT, LV, RO, SI, SK) – Shipping fee: €20,00
Zone 7: (Countries: AD, CH, GG, JE, LI, NO, SM) – Shipping fee: €20,00

A UPS “Track and Trace” code will be provided once your order’s been marked as “Ready for Shipment”, allowing you to keep an eye on your product’s delivery status.

Don’t worry if you miss your delivery. UPS will leave a note explaining how you can select a different time and date, which is typically done through their website.

2. How long do orders take to arrive?

We always aim to deliver your products as soon as they arrive. The whole process will usually take between 5-6 days for standard orders, and 3-4 weeks for custom orders, depending on the item.

3. What if my delivery address and billing address are different?

Not to worry!… You can easily select separate delivery and billing addresses during the checkout process. Please let us know if you have any questions or issues.


1. How can I report a complaint?

We pride ourselves on the satisfaction of our customers. If our products or services don’t quite match your expectations, please let us know so we can try to rectify the problem.

Our complaints process is explained in article 16 of our Terms and Conditions page.

2. Who will my complaint go to?

As above, our complaints process is explained in our Terms and Conditions page. Articles 16 and 17 provide information on who exactly deals with specific types of complaint.

3. What if I’m not satisfied with the complaint service I receive?

Given our focus on customer satisfaction, it’s extremely unlikely that this will ever be the case. However, we offer a way for customers to escalate their complaints, just in case this does happen. Complaints can be raised to Thuiswinkel’s Complaints Commission or the European ODR Platform. Please see this page for more details.


1. For what length of time can an item be returned after purchase?

We offer a 14-day return policy, with no charges or additional costs.

2. Are there any limits on which product types can be returned?

Yes, but only one. Earrings cannot be returned due to health and safety reasons. All other products can be returned within the 14-day refund period.

3. How can I return an item?

Our products are delivered with a pre-printed label, just in case you decide to return the item within the 14-day window. All you need to do is safely package the item, position the label clearly on the outside of the packaging, and drop the package off your closest UPS access point, which can be found at