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“When you know your WHY, the HOW will show up” – Tommy Brian

It is often that we are asked why we started Qullqi, especially these days when we are approaching more and more events to participate in the next months. Qullqi founder Hugo gets frequent questions on what’s the driving element, the purpose behind Qullqi. The answer is two-fold.

Background and the role of sustainability

First of all, we want to promote the talent of silversmiths from Peru while bringing beautiful and unique handcrafted pieces to European consumer market. craft street market Peru silverEver since early age, Hugo himself has been impressed by some pieces he saw during his childhood trips in the north of Peru. Talented independent artisans showcased their creation on street markets and the details on each piece were stunning, meticulous, and rich in character.

At Qullqi, we do not only want to promote this talent and finish there. We want to do it responsible and in a friendly manner with the environment and community. Therefore, we start our supply chain by using Fairmined certified sterling silver, which guarantees that small-scale mining organization are paid fairly for each kg. of mineral, miners get all their benefit, and no child labor is in place. Additionally, we partner with experienced silversmiths who get paid fair too and have personal stories of growth and overcome life’s obstacles. For instance, Juan Carlosartisan silversmith Peru. He lost one of his legs while working at a factory and instead of laying back and regret about this unfortunate event, he put his talent in practice and became the master behind our recent collection, launched in November 2019. Furthermore, our packaging not only is a great sample of typical Peruvian textiles, but also the perfect wrap for a special gift, or to use as pouch to carry your jewelry or other precious items. Its life doesn’t end when your Qullqi piece is delivered. Inside this pack, you’ll find a personalized message from the silversmith responsible for bringing your Qullqi piece to life. Isn’t great?

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Social responsibility

On the other hand, Hugo and the team at Qullqi consider that we are fortunate in life to having been able to live above average life standards for Peruvians; however, we believe our life’s mission is to bring other compatriots along this path. How? By means of improving their education. And that’s exactly the reason why we put aside 20% of the revenue from each sale and give it to support social projects in Peru directly related to kids’ education.

Our first delivery on this was the opening of a public library in the district of Luricocha in Junin, Peru. The details behind this successful case story are also on our blog.

At Qullqi we are clear and aware of our WHY and want to make sure our partners and customers understand it too. Should you have questions or want to learn more, contact us. We would love to hearing from you.

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