Qullqi Jewelry

Beautifying the world – One Piece At A Time!

Qullqi brings you handmade silver jewelry from Peru in a way that benefits the workers, community and environment.

Accessorizing with Qullqi means style with a purpose. All jewelry is fair-mined and handcrafted in Peru so you can rock your favorite look knowing you got your hands on a beautiful piece that’s as unique as you. Shopping Qullqi also supports educational and social programs to benefit the people in Peru so shop on and change the world, one piece at a time.

Made in Peru

Qullqi means silver in Quechua, the language spoken by the native people of Peru. Every piece Qullqi sells is handcrafted by professional silversmiths in Peru and shares our Peruvian culture, craftsmanship and design with you.


Qullqi is a holder of the Fair-Mined Certificate, which honors responsible small-scale mining practices of gold and silver producers around the world. We ensure the ethical and fair treatment of the environment, native Peruvians and communities we collaborate with.

Social impact

To pay gratitude to our roots, we donate part of our profit to the development of social and educational programs for the people of Peru. With each purchase, you are not just getting a stunning piece of jewelry, but also advancing the culture and history of these wonderful people.

Uniquely crafted

At Qullqi, no two pieces are alike. Each piece is handcrafted with its own unique character that carries the distinct touch of the workers who made it.