Nothing is more personal than a handcrafted piece of jewelry. For the wearer, for the giver, and for the maker. Qullqi jewelry is the result of passion for the forging and for sustainable silver. Given and worn out of love for each other, or simply to look beautiful!

Craftsmanship from the heart is characteristic of the Peruvian silversmith. This is reflected in both the design and the innovation of the pieces. Each piece of jewelry is forged with love, inspiration and with practiced hands. The experience and passion of a Peruvian silversmith are unparalleled. Driven by creativity, the ideas and designs follow each other at a rapid pace – and that’s exactly what you can expect from our collection: a dynamic range of handcrafted pieces full of character. Each Qullqi piece has its own signature.

Qullqi is native Peruvian for silver. The essence of the jewelry reflect the Peruvian culture and therefore our roots. A culture that we stand for and in which we want to invest – together with you. As such, the precious metals used are extracted responsibly, with respect for the environment and the history of the country and its inhabitants. Also, part of the proceeds from our sales go to social and educational projects. This way, you invest with us in this beautiful culture!

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Hugo Valdivia

The Man Behind The Brand
Hugo grows up in Chiclayo, Peru’s fourth city. His creative hometown in the north of the country is known for its crafts that stem from an old tradition and great savoir-faire. It is here where Hugo roams the market countless times and gets a thorough understanding of and passion for the craftsmanship of the silversmiths.

After traveling and studying abroad, Hugo values the creativity of his hometown even more and decides to set up a business to promote it. By linking carefully selected silver producers to professional and inspired silversmiths, Qullqi and its uniquely handcrafted silver pieces came to life.

Hugo wants to combine the promotion of the craftsmanship with aiding local communities. With Qullqi, not only local silversmiths get supported, also children benefit as part of the proceeds go to social and educational funds. This way, they are given the opportunities that Hugo himself had as well.


With love for the makers, the givers, and the wearers.