Qullqi Jewelry

Infusing Elegance – One Piece At A Time!

Our name derives from the Quechua, a native group residing in Peru. “Qullqi” translates to silver: the basis of all of the luxury jewelry items that we offer to our customers.

Made in Peru

Each and every piece has been precisely handcrafted to a standard of the highest caliber by expert silversmiths in Peru. These silversmiths have expertise in a unique process that has been perfected over centuries. Since 1000 BC, the gifted peoples of Lambayeque — a culturally rich region in north Peru renowned for its history — have mastered the art of luxury jewelry cultivation. A prominent example of their work can be seen with the ancient Lord of Sipan mummies, a revolutionary connection to their archaeological past and the long history of their artistry. Our jewelry seamlessly mends the stylings of traditional Peruvian craftsmanship and contemporary design into an exquisite final creation.

Crafted for you!

All of our jewelry is meticulously crafted through a thorough process that creates a result of individuality for each piece we sell. Like a snowflake, no two of our products are exactly the same; each one has its own unique character which ensures that what you buy is like nothing else in this world. The tiniest of details build upon one another to make the final product that much more spectacular. We strive to allow everyone that owns one of our Qullqi pieces to be able to sense the splendid touches of care that comprise these bespoke goods.


As a producer of luxury jewelry items, we want to ensure that not only are we operating to the highest caliber in terms of product development but also that our treatment of the environment and the native Peruvian peoples we collaborate with is based on the values of utter respect and admiration. We prioritize an ethical production process; to guarantee this, Qullqi is a prestigious license holder of the Fairmined certificate. This honor validates producers of gold and silver around the world as responsible small-scale mining companies, upholding world-leading standards.

Social impact

In order to pay gratitude to the country that houses the roots of our company and is responsible for the elegant, graceful designs of our world-class jewelry, we make sure that part of our profit gets back to the peoples of Peru. These profits are donated to advance the development of modern social and educational programs that will benefit the inhabitants of this area for generations to come. With each jewel you purchase, which comes presented in an eco-friendly package made from recycled materials, you are not just gaining a stunning piece but also a place in a culturally rich story that is another chapter in the long history of these wonderful Peruvians.